A Garden Tool Kit Or A Garden Tool? Everything You Need to Know

Getting a garden tool kit is definitely a good thing to do especially if you are not a professional gardener. These kits come in various sizes and have various components.

There are general kits that contain selected tools that could handle most gardening jobs e.g. a cultivating tool like a hand trowel, a pruning tool, a watering tool, and some accessories.

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And there are also specialized kits that are tailored for specific garden tasks. These kits are usually bought by professional gardeners but could also be useful to “leisure gardeners” like us. For example, a pruning tool kit containing different sizes and types of pruners OR a cultivating tool kit like a hand trowel set.

You need to select the kit that best suits your purpose.

Sometimes it is better to buy a single tool instead of a tool kit.

In this case, even though the garden tool kit might seem cheaper when you divide the total cost of the kit by the number of tools in the kit, you should ask yourself if you will ever need to use most of the tools in the kit and how often you would use them.

If you wouldn’t use MOST of the tools OFTEN, then it would be better to select the particular tool you need the most and buy it.

Garden Tool Manufacturers

In the past, garden tool manufacturers traditionally sold tools to wholesalers, but this has changed a bit. Even though sales to wholesalers and retailers still account for a major percentage of their sales, they now sell to retailers through their various outlets located worldwide.

And with the increasing popularity of internet shopping, most of them now offer online sales of their tools.

You can find a list of sales outlets on their respective websites.

Have you tried looking for garden tool manufacturers? Did you have to browse through many general directories like the yahoo directory or the open directory? If you have, you will agree that it is a cumbersome process and many times you don’t get what you are looking for.

Some have special interests in a selected range of garden tools while some produce all kinds of tools. But even those who produce all kinds of tools still specialize in the production of some particular tools. It is therefore important for the prospective buyer not to go for brand names alone but to do some research before patronizing any manufacturer.

Wholesale Garden Tools

If you need to buy wholesale garden tools, the immediate problem faced is where to find them. This is a problem faced by most businesses engaged in trading.

The average person may never need to know about this as retail outlets abound. But the business person would go for wholesale goods for 3 important reasons.

  • They are cheaper.
  • They can be customized to suit your taste.
  • They can be gotten in large quantities.

Where To Find Wholesale Garden Tools

The best place to get wholesale garden tools is from the manufacturer. Many garden tool manufacturers have offices and outlets worldwide. You can find the outlet closest to you by visiting their website.

Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to get them from the manufacturers. In such cases, you can get them from the importers and distributors of these tools.

Problems To Anticipate

  • Storage space for the large consignment.
  • Transportation.
  • Order fulfillment.
  • Damages of goods during storage and transportation.
  • Pricing – finding the right price and getting the widest profit margin.
  • Import taxes.
  • Returns from retailers

Garden Tool Rentals

Are garden tool rentals for me?

Why not just buy and not rent?


Here are a few reasons why garden rental tools are important and why it makes some sense to rent some tools and buy others.

Special garden tools that are used only occasionally are better off rented than bought. If you bought them, they would just take up valuable space in your garden tool shed.

The cost of buying is also much more than that of renting. In addition, power tools for example require some additional expenses for routine maintenance.

An example of an occasionally used tool is a chain saw for cutting down trees which occur once in about 2 to 3 years.

other examples

A large wheelbarrow for major garden jobs. On average, a small wheelbarrow would do for most gardens. You could rent the large size when you need it.

Seed sprayer for planting a lawn.

When you don’t have sufficient storage space for a particular tool. e.g A lawn mower (Automobile type), Backpack herbicide sprayer, Water filled roller.

Tools that are too expensive to buy.

Tools that are dangerous to keep lying around the house especially when you have children at home.

e.g. Mathettes, chain saws e.t.c


  • How old the tools are?
  • Safety policy.
  • Any accidents recorded with the tools.
  • Insurance policy.
  • Are the tools manufactured by respectable garden tool manufacturers?
  • Transportation/Delivery of the tools.
  • Do they have a telephone helpline?
  • Refund Policy.