Garden Tool Cart and Rack – Complete Guide (2022)

A garden tool cart could very well act as your organizer and “carrier” while at “work”. It is very useful equipment that will do you a lot of good if owned and used properly. This is especially true if you have so many small ones.

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It is useful for various reasons. These 3 reasons are worth mentioning.

  • Carrying your garden tools.
  • Organizing your garden tools.
  • Safety in the garden.

But will any garden tool cart do? No.

You need to find the one that meets your garden needs and suits your preferences.

They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to fit individual preferences and they can be bought from most garden tool shops.

A few tips.

1.The Material

The material could be made of, plastic/rubber, wood, or metal.

Plastic carts are lighter and easier to pull. In addition, they are not destroyed by termites as wooden carts are.

Wooden carts are “high maintenance” as they require periodical wood treatment.

It pays to buy those that are made of already treated wood. The few extra dollars invested would pay dividends in the future.

If you love metal carts then get those that are made of rust-proof metal.

2.The Tyres

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of tires. Pneumatic tires and non-pneumatic tires.

Non-pneumatic tires don’t require inflation and so are easier to maintain.

Pneumatic tires on the other, hand contain air and may occasionally need inflation, but the advantage is that they work better than non-pneumatic tires when heavy tools are being hauled.

3 Compartments.

Garden tool carts with different compartments for different types of tools are better. It allows you to arrange your tools and work in a more efficient manner.

4. The Sides

Raised sides are an advantage as this prevents tools from rolling or sliding off the cart un-noticed and so preventing some common garden accidents.

5. The Size.

For easy maneuverability, the shorter the garden tool cart, the better. However, don’t get one that would be too small that your tools are forced to be crowded like sardines in a tin.

6. Working Space

A garden tool cart with a flat “working space” to keep frequently used tools is an advantage.


Handles with good grips, replaceable parts and accessories like attached garden seats are good.

8. The Height.

Finally, get one that’s appropriate for your height. In other words, one that you can pull while standing up straight. This prevents backaches.

Care Of Your Garden Tool Cart

These tips would help you get the best out of your garden tool cart.

1. Don’t overload it with so many garden tools. Just those you need for that particular gardening session.

2. Arrange tools before you move your garden tool caddy.

3. Empty and clean it after every gardening session.

4. Check parts (tires, handle, etc) before use.

5. Try as much as possible to keep it tidy at all times while gardening. One good way of doing it is to replace used tools in their compartments.

Organize And Store With A Garden Tool Rack

A garden tool rack would help you with effective organization and storage.

This important equipment comes in different shapes and sizes. Some could be hung on the wall of the garage or, while some come as “stand-alone units”

Do I really need one?

Nice question.

The truth is that you can do without one.

But If you had one it would give you some invaluable advantages. Here are some advantages.

1. Safety

It would help you arrange and store your garden tools in a safety-conscious way. This keeps them from being left lying carelessly on the ground and so, reduces the occurrence of domestic accidents.

2. Tool Care

Caring for your tools includes proper storage. This process, when done well, increases their lifespan. And garden tool racks will help achieve this.

3. Organisation

Puts the fun back into gardening. Organization increases your efficiency, effectiveness, and enjoyment of the “art” of gardening.

This becomes so evident if you have a tool rack that can fit on your garden tool cart.


The following tips will help you select the right garden tool rack.

Heavy items should be stored on a “stand-alone rack or in a garden tool shed.

Light items can be stored on a hangable rack.

Plastic and metal racks generally last longer than wooden racks. However, properly made garden tool racks from good quality wood also last a long time.

If you want to hang a heavy tool like a spade, make sure it is hung on a rack made of strong material like metal and not plastic.

Consider the capabilities before you consider the look of the cart.

In other words, “get one that meets your specific needs and not one that looks so beautiful and still doesn’t meet all of your needs”.

If you have a few tools, get a small rack

If you have so many tools, get a bigger rack. You may even be better off getting a garden tool shed

A rack you can assemble yourself is easier to handle than a fixed unit. It is also usually cheaper.


Clean regularly. Remove sand particles and leaves that might have gotten unto the rack. Also, clean oil stains that dropped off tools that were oiled.

Don’t store inappropriate equipment on it.

For hanging units, make sure they are properly fixed to the wall.

Don’t overload your garden tool racks.